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SpyWare Detection & Removal Software!

Clickbank's Top Affiliate Program In 2003 and 2004. Our SpyWare Nuker is top choice by consumers, and extremely easy to sell.
| home | members | features | requirements | support | partners | contact us | scan now | Recommended BY Testimonials I just want to "Thank you" so much for your help... I'm so relieved to be rid of all those problems with my computer! I'm enjoying my computer again!

Spyware Remover/Amazing Conversion! -75%

AFFILIATES MAKE 75% selling this great SPYWARE REMOVER! Earn 75% people download it and pay to register.
Eliminate Spyware & Adware Forever! PAL Spyware Remover Your computer is infected with Spyware and Adware! Every day internet surfers install SpyWare and AdWare components on their PC's without even knowing it by clicking on pop up ads, downloading music files, installing free programs and so on

XoftSpy - New Anti-Spyware Technology

Warning There is a good chance your privacy is at risk due to infectious spyware or adware! Click here to Download the Free Scanner. XoftSpy v3.2 Operating System Requirements: Windows 98, Me, 2000, or XP

Pop-Up Stopper Software - Panicware.com

Creator of Pop-Up Stopper privacy software! The only ad-blocker to work on EVERY browser, even AOL and scan free for spyware.
Block ALL Pop-Ups Ads! Block pop-up ads and remove spyware with Pop-Up Stopper by Panicware!

Registry Cleaner/Optimizer

Free to download but users must register to clear errors. Earn 75%
Eliminate Computer Errors Forever! PAL Registry Cleaner/Optimizer With Registry Cleaner you can safely clean and repair Windows registry problems with a few simple mouse clicks! Problems with the Windows registry are a common cause of Windows crashes and error messages

Pc Booster - Top Offer - $20 Payout

Fast converting offer run on all top networks. Proven creatives. Earn Fast.
System Detected: Windows XP Browser Detected: Microsoft Internet Explorer version 6.0 Read User Opinions Specifications Platforms: Windows 95, 98, ME, NT 4.0, 2000 and XP. System Requirements: Pentium 90 above processor, 16 MB of RAM, 8 MB Free Space

Instant Detective

Investigate anyone from your own home anonymously!
*NEW 2005 Professional Edition! "One of the largest sources of legal public information ever to be compiled" p The 100% Legal Way To Conduct Your Own Investigations! p Not long ago, "doing a background check" on someone was an involved tedious process, but not anymore!


Popup blocker - created by SpyWare Nuker Team - no#1 affiliate money maker in 2003.
Our software solutions are among those most trusted and most used in the world. You must have noticed how much pup up ads slow you computer and your Internet access. That is why the Popup-Nuker, the coolest, incredibly fast and efficient pup up terminator, was created

Pal Internet Speed Booster

Make Cash, great sales page. Earn 75%
Internet Speed Booster by PAL Solutions Are You Tired Of Waiting For Web Pages To Download Forever? Most computers connect to the Internet at a fraction of their potential speed. Increase the speed of your internet connection by up to 375% with Internet Speed Booster, even on broadband!

Antivirus Software! - Emergency Response

New Antivirus program - 75ommission! Great conversions.
Eliminate computer viruses forever! PAL Emergency Response Attention! New Virus Epidemic! I-Worm.Mydoom.a and GaoBot.DQ have now infected more than a million computers since they were first detected, causing losses of more than 38,500 million dollars


Specifically designed and conceptualized with conversions in mind. This is simply the best performing affiliate program listed.
Your PC is running slower than usual You're seeing an inordinate amount of 'pop up' ads You've downloaded Kazaa and any other file sharing service You're receiving more SPAM emails than normal Every time you turn on your PC, you get hit with advertisements If you've experienced any of the

Anti-Spyware: Earn 60% Per Sale!

See our amazing stats at http:www.spyferret.com/affiliates1.htm.
1. Hotbar(Hijacker)2. CWS(Hijacker)3. LOP Toolbar 4.TV Media(Spyware)5.EZula(Spyware)6.ISTbar(Hijacker)7.CWS sp.html 8.Virtual Bouncer 9.IBIS Toolbar 10.CWS about:blank view expanded list "I got to a point where I actually was afraid to use my PC. The porn popups were everywhere!

Adware/Spyware Remover - Free Scan

Fastest selling adware/spyware remover on clickbank. We have amazing conversions with 70% for affiliates!
Home Free Scan Purchase Affiliates About System Requirements: Microsoft Windows™ 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP. 2 MB hard disk space 32 MB of memory "Did you know that someone may be spying on you right now?

SpyBlocs 6.0 - Anti-Spyware Download
Awesome conversions and top payout.
If you experience any of the following symptoms, you have Spyware on your PC. Your browser homepage has been changed. Excessive pop-up ads. New toolbars in your browser. PC is slow and applications do not start quickly. Slow internet access speed. Frequent PC crashes. Frequent SPAM

Best Selling Popup Blocker

Get Popup Blocker and Stop Popup ads.
STOP Annoying Popup ADS AND SURF THE WEB WAY Faster! New Popup Blocker 3.0! Now only $19.95! Fed up with all those popup windows that flood your screen while you browse the Web? Feel like there is nothing you can do about it besides just closing each window once it pops up? Popup Blocker 3

Easy Spyware Killer -Affiliates Earn 75%

Earn 75% selling this software downloaded over 1 million times.
Eliminate Spyware & Adware Forever! Easy Spyware Killer Your computer is infected with Spyware and Adware! Every day internet surfers install SpyWare and AdWare components on their PC's without even knowing it by clicking on pop up ads, downloading music files, installing free programs and so on

Spy Software To Record All Pc Activity!

Secretly record chats, emails, instant messages and keystrokes with this computer monitoring software.
KeyLog Pro Home|Product Info|Features|Order|Contact Us|Affiliates Find out in less than 24 hours! Record Everything! Secretly record chats, emails, instant messages, keystrokes, Hotmail, AOL emails, ICQ chat, Yahoo! chat and AOL chat with KeyLog Pro Spy Software. Supports all AOL versions!

Palspam Killer - Eliminate Junk Email!

Stop SPAM and Earn some cash - Affiliates earn 50%
Eliminate Spam Emails Forever! PALSpam Killer -Is your email account flooded with SPAM and offensive email offers? -Are you wasting minutes or even hours deleting SPAM? -Is SPAM preventing you from receiving your mail? -Is SPAM costing your company money and productivity?

Spyware Remover Software Download

Spyware Remover software. Free trial download!
NEWS Updates June 2004 Storesbiz releases Adware / Spyware Remover And Blocker customer quotes Excellent! This even blocks adware while I'm surfing the net so I'm not getting those popups that were caused by the spyware. Thank you so much

Hackers, Viruses, Spyware - Oh My!

Learn how to protect your PC from hackers, viruses and more.
IS Your Computer SAFE From Hackers And Viruses? Today more than ever, users are open to attacks and viruses on their computers. This ebook explains in simple terms, how to make your computer less vunerable to becoming a victim of viruses, hackers, and other malicious online dangers

How To Get Top 20 Search Engine Rankings

Be A Search Engine Optimization PRO.in 14 days or Less!
Economical search engine optimization solutions - ethical search engine optimization methods Get Simple, Easy To Follow, Economical Search Engine Optimization Help Here... "Learn How To Ethically Get Your Web Site Ranked In The Top 20

Pal Pc Tracker - Stops Computer Theft!

Computer software that allows you to find your PC anywhere in the world if it's ever lost or stolen!
Is your PC smart enough to tell you where it is? It is, if it has PC Tracker installed!

Evidence Eliminator - Spyware Killer!

Eliminate your Internet tracks and spyware while boosting system performance! - 75% Commissions!
Erase your surfing history forever! PAL Evidence Eliminator Did you know... that government and the police are installing recording boxes in ISPs to record your Internet surfing and downloads for evidence?

Pal Popup Eliminator - 75% Comissions

Stop those anoying popup ads forever!
Eliminate Pop-ups & Ads Forever! PAL Popup Eliminator Stops Annoying Pop-up Ads Super easy to Use Interface Speeds up Surfing by blocking ad downloads Blocks Pop-under Ads Award Winning Technology Regular Price $39.95 Only $19.99 Download Now!

PopupMaster Pro

Best-selling Popup Software Beats Popup Blockers And Explodes Your Subscriber List.
"[This software]has taken my email list from 1,000 subscribers to 11,000 in about 8 months!" Larry Pike, artisticthreadworks.com "Your one popup generator program accomplishes what I used to have to use 4 different programs to do

The Unstoppable Popup Generator

Create Unstoppable Popup Windows With Ease.
You Just Can't Stop It!X "More Newsletter Signups, More Sales, Get Noticed!" Grab Your Copy Today! Popup Generator | Affiliates Are Your Popup Windows Being Blocked?

Spyware Tek - Spyware Removal System

Latest generation spyware software.
Testimonials Thank you for your help and support. I'm so happy to get rid of all infections and being able to enjoy my computer again, I will recommend it to my friends! God Bless, - Ana

Easy To Use, Secure Hidden File Software

Simple, step by step computer file hiding software. Keeps files hidden from others. Password protected system.
Home - Resources - FAQs - Download - Contact - Affiliates People Search Research Tool Welcome to the most advanced, top rated, updated, investigative public search engine and detective resource tool on the Internet!

Search More Of The Web

Great eBook on How To Search on the Internet.
Search More Of The Web In 90 Days Or Keep This Breakthrough Book For FREE! Announcing New Eye-Opening Secrets That Will Help You Search More Of The Web Your First Day - Guaranteed! You Will Search More Of The Web In No Time! Try it today Risk Free!

AuctionTamer Software Program

Auction item monitoring software for eBay, Amazon, Yahoo & FairMarket auctions.
More Tamer Solutions AuctionTamer Info Testimonials Bidding Tips Download Purchase Support Update FAQ Affiliate Program From the author of QuickPay and QuickInvoice for Quicken!

Web Lawyer

Internet Law Self Help Guides.
Terms & Privacy | Sign Up | Member Login • Stop People Stealing Your Pictures and Graphics • Disable websites stealing your pictures or web content • Get a website "Taken Down" • Discover the identities of anonymous Internet emails and postings • STOP Internet Harassment and Libel STOP Copyright

Best Deals On The Internet - eBook's

* Highly Discounted eBooks * TOP eBooks in a Shopping mall format. Earn commission on each and EVERY SALE ! Commission- 50%
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PopUpCommander.com - PopUp Stopper!

Stop popups today, easy to use and affordable software.
Join The Thousands of Internet Users Who Use PopUp Commander™ To Stop PopUp Ads! Take control of your Internet sessions, our unique PopUp Commander software allows you to choose if you want to see a pop up or if you want to block them all automatically. PopUp Commander Puts You In Command!

Evidence Neutralizer Erase Your Tracks.

Incl. Pop Up killer. Clean your internet tracks. Keep your privacy.
Don't lose your job - Don't lose your family? Do you thing you are protected by deleting your Temp internet files... Your Computer is storing all the evidence; formatting you PC is not even enough

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